how many times in your life have you sat down and thought that you would like to do something truly remarkable, something that just might change the world, or at least someones life?

i was scanning the pages of cnn last night and came across time magazines 100 most influential people in the world. i read this list every year, and sometimes i am inspired, and sometimes i wonder what the criteria for selection are, because the choices are strange. but last night i spent at least 2.5 hours reading each persons blurb--all of them but oprah's and a few other people that are already talked about way too much. i came away inspired in what i am doing. i was reminded that everyone, by making a few choices, can become a world-changer. i was also encouraged that i am not yet older than the youngest people on the list, and the majority of them we well into their 60s, leaving time for nearly all of us to rise to the occasion.

the list is filled with eco-evangelist and political talking heads, but they are more or less boring to me; though i will still vote for obama if he is nominated, and will not vote if hillary pulls it out. so, i thought that i would leave you with a few of the people that inspired me. there are only a few that i became really interested in and read more about, and they are not all world-wide power brokers like you might think.

aung san suu kyi

yoani shanchez

indra nooyi

this morning i went back over the list to see if i had forgotten anyone. nope. i find that a bit sad, although it is just my take, but only 3 people on the list inspired me. many of them are doing amazing things, but these three made me think i can do more in life too. i also could not see how a few of them made the list, i.e. robert downey jr., karl lagerfeld, judd apatow, and mariah carey.

so i ask, where will you make a difference, even if only a small one? i know i have a few ideas i am currently working on.