it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

so, it's been since early may since i last graced these pages with my dribble and random thoughts. to be truthful, it was for two main reasons i stopped writing, and they are related. first, i didn't feel like i could publish what i wanted to write without taking stupid risks in doing so. and second, there was nothing else that i really wanted to write about. but alas, i will start this whole thing up again.

for today i will leave you with this. i love my life. it's more adventurous than i ever imagined it would be. and it's harder too. it's seems a strange paradox, the ways that the Heavenly Father gives and takes away from our lives. often taking something previously given and giving something previously taken. it's strange math if you ask me. but it's math that adds up to eternity. it always adds up to life, and the end sum always seems to grow larger too. like i said, strange math.

just ask yourself, 'can i make myself who i dream of being?' if so, then wow. wow. if not, then you're in good company. just let the Father's peace become your administrator (Isa 60) and relent in shaping your own life. the more i do so, the more i see myself doing. and the more i live out my dreams.

coming soon...
pictures of austria, germany, and dubai and some stories to boot