wow! just a few minutes ago i walking down the waikiki beach boardwalk and came across an unexpected scene. more than a dozen policemen, firemen, and emt's. and sadly a death. who imagines they will come on vacation and experience a horrific tragedy. it's unthinkable. i found myself immediately moved to pray for the person's family. they might not know for a while more, they might have watched it happen, they might not even be here.

i am not sure why i decided to post this for you all to read, but it moved me. how quickly life fades from our grasps, and at the moments we least expect. there were more than a thousand people on the beach and someone was still able to drown. i promise my next post will not be so somber.


a new phishtopher blog feature

here we are. and here comes the first installment of planes, trains, and anything else with terminals review. the first round includes four airport: phoenix, az; flagstaff, az; ontario, ca; and honolulu, hi.

phoenix: free wi-fi, more than enough comfy seats to wait for late departures, a singing woman to make the 1000 person security line go faster, a guy with a flight in more than an hour asking every person in front of him to let him move up a slot only to fall further back in the line by do so, and a starbucks on every corner of the terminal. relax coffee addicts, there are also generic coffee shops too, so more than enough extra hot, non-fat, two splenda, no foam latte's to go around. overall PHX gets an a+; after all, reliable wi-fi is valuable enough, but free, stupendous!

flagstaff: well, i may have to return to reviewing this airport at a later time. i spend the entire 32 minutes there with my head buried between my legs, ready to puke. the flight from phoenix lasted only 25 minutes, but it bounced and swayed the entire way. however, walking from the tarmac to the baggage claim to the exit i saw a beautiful log cabin like airport. it really was a neat little airport. overall, a b+ for FLG, but i retain the right to change the rating.

ontario: this was a boring little airport, but it offered two great amenities: a jerry spring look-a-like and a look-a-like i can't remember the name of. but that doesn't matter, after all, i'm not sure that the jerry springer guy was not really jerry springer. i was in orange county. also, there was no working wi-fi; boo! therefore, ONT gets an b, like the stars walking it's halls.

honolulu: one great thing about honolulu is the open air concourses. i also like the fact that there are almost no shops or restaurants. no one wants to spend any extra time in the airport, the beaches are just a 15 minute ride away. my flight arrived 30 minutes early--have you ever heard of that?--but the airport crew parked us at the wrong gate, then couldn't get our walkway open, then they took forever to unload our luggage. so, i am hesitant give HNL a high mark, but the fact that it sits in paradise garners at least a b+.

i hope these reviews are helpful to you all, because i know you all will be traveling the random paths i do. but anyway, they will continue to make their appearance periodically.


i have arrived in honolulu. beautiful sunshine, packed beaches, wonderful breezes, and me--by myself.

i am more at home in the mountains for sure, but man i love the beach. i'll be here 9 nine days, only one of which i have any plans. i'm alone, and i'm already having to adjust. i don't think many of us realize that we have so much support around us. so, my tidbit of wisdom for the day--love the ones your with, and appreciate them.

tomorrow i'll post some pictures for all to become envious over. see you then.


ryan the spokesman...really?

that's right. some of you laughed at me--karis. i am now sponsored by nau clothing. ha, i may be the only anthropologist with a clothing sponsor. i want to encourage any of you outdoorsy types to go check out nau.com. they are an ecofriendly and socially conscious company, with some great new-look gear to boot. at the moment i don't really have any responsibilities, but in the future you just may be looking at mr. nau clothing. ha!

in a week or so i will be busting into a package of gear and proudly sporting it all over the hawaiian islands. man, i am a blessed man. praise the Lord. anyway, enough of that.


the naming game

do you ever come up with names for things and write them down just in case? i do. just a minute ago, sitting in macy's european coffee emporium (what a name--kind of pompous too), i thought of a name for a band: mousehouse. i like to come up with names. i record them and think, 'well, if i ever start a band i have a name,' or 'that's a cool name for a girl, or for a coffee shop, or for a...'

i suppose you would like to hear more of these, but i have to keep them secret so that none of you steal them without giving me proper credit. it's a cutthroat world out there. i am not sure if i can trust you guys with my genius just yet.

well, upon further review, it seems mousehouse is not so original after all. i'll keep thinking of new names though.

the rebirth and life of a blog

they say that everything must die in order to be reborn. well, i that is certainly so for this blog. slumbering for nearly two years, it appears that i have awaken ready to go at it once again.

i have decided to reinvent my blog a bit. a new look. a new focus. and a few new features. i'll get to those in a minute. but first, i owe this rebirth to another trip to asia. as most of you know, this blog was originally born out of a round-the-world trip in 2005. so it seems fitting that my coming 18 month odyssey to china, india and tibet should be chronicled as well. however, you should also know that i struggled to post consistently the last go around. so bear with me as i get into the flow of regular posting.

now, the features, and i do think you will like a few of them. besides posting my random thoughts and imaginations, i will regularly cover the following topics:

- reviews of airports and train stations throughout asia (and some from other parts of the world as well)

- video, music, and photo focused posts

- mixes of the music that carry me through my travels and travails

- finally, i am going to attempt post mp3's of my random thoughts on culture and religion

wow, that seems awfully ambitious for someone who's never really blogged before, but this is a new time in life. i can do it.

so, welcome to my world. i hope you enjoy. i hope i enjoy.