i believe in the yeti

that is what a young bhutanese man told me the other day. out of nowhere he says, "i believe in the yeti." i couldn't help but smile. he smiled too and said he was being honest. i think this is the first time i've ever met someone who thinks the yeti, or sasquatch as it is called in the states, is real. he gave me evidence from a recent discovery channel documentary he watched. i added that many of the world's best mountain climbers also believe in the yeti (true). but i didn't tell him that they also are know to hallucinate much of the time because of lack of oxygen and sleep. meaning they are not reliable witnesses. oh well, to each his own right.

oh, one final thing. why are pictures of the yeti (actually, all paranormal things) blurry? can each witness actually be that bad of a photographer?

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I'm looking foward to the next update!