miscellaneous photos from the last few weeks

enjoy these photos. the first 5 are ones i digitally developed, and last ones i took around pokhara.

man and boy from marpha in sepia tone.

annapurna IV in black and white.

girl in sepia tone.

sepia tone of nepali boy.

sepai tone of man in jagat.

annapurna I, 10th tallest mountain in the world.


lamjung himal.

early morning view over pokhara.

the annapurna mastif, with machapuchare on the left and
lamjung himal on the right, view from a mountain outside pokhara. these
are the mountains i spent two weeks walking around.


barb said...

Quite a trek for a Texas boy - great pics and narrative - thanks!

Jerod said...

your life is awesome

luna said...

I love your photos!!!!

luna said...

I love your photos!!

Levi said...

nice pictures!